September 18, 2009

Pictures - September -

This weekend (3 days - Monday is a holiday) we will be heading to the Volta Region (along the eastern border with Togo). We're going to see lovely waterfalls, do some hiking, and really see Ghana, outside of Accra, for the first time. We're sure to have some wonderful pictures to share from this excursion, but until then this is what we have so far from Ghana:

This is currently our kitchen table at our home, Airside Hotel. But this will change next week when we move into Maxwell House Apartments in Osu (yay!)

This is our 'kitchen' at Airside:

Our living room/bedroom/office:

I have no words for this:


Big bonus is that Airside has a wonderful pool that we try and take advantage of every day. This is a view of Brian in the pool from our room:

On our 1 year wedding anniversary we went to watch the Black Stars of Ghana play Sudan to qualify for the 2010 World Cup:

Awwww......the romance...

It was so loud during the entire match with multiple bands and constant noise makers filling the stadium:

Brian was decked out in full Ghana gear:

I sat next to a guy decked out in female Ghana gear. He was wearing a skirt, bra and earrings......ummm


Ghana is in white and Sudan in red:

Go Ghana!

The fans:

The final score:

Back at Airside, Brian hard at work in his office:


And after:

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