November 25, 2009

O Where O Where Has My Widow's Peak Gone?

Did I mention I recently departed with 11 inches of hair in the past couple of weeks? It was time to say goodbye to those long locks and hello to short and fun. I was a bit nervous getting my haircut in Ghana but found a great salon down one of the side streets in Osu. The woman who cut my hair did a great job and was meticulously thorough. I feel like I just entered summer with a sassy new look although it is November.

Brian also got some hairs cut. His barber, located at the Accra Mall, was also quite meticulous in shaping the length of each hair on his head. But when it came time for the very end he lost something that has defined him for as long as I've known him. Something that has been a main fixture in our relationship. He lost his widow's peak.

It was there and then it wasn't.

Everything was going smoothly, the barber was clipping and shaving at a good pace until one last quick trim by the scissors.


And there it fell, that pointed tuft of hair, tumbling towards the floor leaving only a shadow of blunted follicles vacating its former prominent position just above the forehead.

The widow's peak was no more.

The barber must have been confused as to what to do with such a grouping of hair. So what better response than to get rid of it?

The shock has worn off and Brian has come to grips with the loss. It will grow back in time and all will be right in the world once again.

While on the topic, here are some fun facts about widow's peaks:
  • The term, widow's peak comes from English folklore where it was believed that this hair formation was a sign of a woman who would outlive her husband
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has one
  • Marilyn Monroe had one
  • There's a movie with such name that came out in 1994
  • And then there's the question on everyone's mind: will a person with a widow's peak married to a person with a straight hairline have a child with or without a widow's peak? Someday the world may know but until then here's another famous widow's peak.
Keanu Reeves has one......                                                    

                              Unfortunately Chuck Norris does not.......

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