January 12, 2011

Hey There New Year (and then some)

Oh yes yes Happy New Year! Of course! You've been around awhile I know but I seem to have been busy or something, just too busy to stop and send out my New Year's hello's.


How are things? How were the holidays? Great, same here. Team Feth had a lovely Midwestern Christmas and New Year's escapade full of snow, family, hot cocoa and lots of glittery lights. It was joyous! 

And then we flew back to San Francisco on my birthday, January 5th. 


Not the coolest of birthdays given the full day of travel but nevertheless hubby and I made up for it by sharing a bottle of wine and eating some really good Indian food that night. Pretty similar to the year prior when were celebrating my 30th actually in India! (use your imagination here)

Next step, enter reality. 

The current apartment has been a challenging one and for our first night back I awoke in the middle of the night to some really loud snoring. Just as I was about to tap Brian on the shoulder I realized he wasn't the one who was snoring....I was totally freaked out!!! It was one of our neighbors sawing away at some hefty logs. 

As a result of this and several other ongoing sounds, we are in search of a new address to add to our resume. 
And do you know what this resume entails exactly? 
Well I shall tell you. 

While on the plane to visit family back in December we both tallied up the number of addresses we've had over the course of our lives. Can you even begin to guess what we're talking about here? 

In my (eh-hem) 31 years I have had a total of 23 addresses. 
Mr. Feth in his (a bit older than me) 31 years has had a total of 21 addresses. 


I feel like we've just been inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records or something.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
 It is such an honor to receive this award. It's taken a lot of time, muscle, moving trucks, sweat equity and buckets of tears to achieve such a feat. We couldn't have done it without Penske, Budget, some guys on a street corner and of course my brother Jed for being an exceptionally large human with big muscles. 

Ok ok it's not quite like that but it is A LOT. Seriously. 

So let's hope for the best with this latest apartment search. I know friends and family are having trouble keeping up with which one is which and you can just imagine what we're having to deal with at the post office..... 

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's a good one!

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