September 23, 2013

Well, Hello There!

It seems like every which way you click these days, everyone's on the blogin' wagon....which reminded me, "Oh yes, what's mine been up to lately?"

Well, nada.

A solid year has passed by and this poor blog has been tight lipped about all of life's wild and exciting adventures. Guess the hubster and I were just out having too much fun; or rather (!), according to my calculations, a year ago, almost to the day, we brought home a sweet little puppy named Arthur - whom we quickly renamed Milo. Arthur just isn't something you can get away with shouting out at a dog park, now is it?

Yes, that seems to be the reason behind the year-long silence = we got a dog. And he's been ever so delightful! And ever so much work, at least especially in the beginning, but well worth the training and the puppy classes and all the other silly things people pour their hearts and wallets out for when they get a pre-kid dog.

So, what better way to dust off the edges of this blog than with a few pictures that highlight the last year (that's seven doggie years for Mr. Milo Feth):

You can see Milo (dog formerly known as Arthur) and I hit it off right away!
We rescued him on September 22, 2012.

The cuteness factor in our apartment went up real fast.

And kept going.

But then this happened...

Yep. Milo is no Great Dane but he's trying hard to be one, at least so it seems. 
He's certainly all legs and ears! 
More specifically, he's a lab/shepherd mix with a big dose of mutt love. 

*Yeah, I think we'll keep him*

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