May 2, 2010


Things have been busy since the Feth parents arrived over a week ago. We've been traveling all over Kenya; Nairobi, Massai Mara, and Lake Naivasha. We've been having a blast, eating good food, taking in gorgeous sites of wildlife and nature and catching up on the past 9 months.

You can tell that this is only a quick update as we have yet to sift through the tons of photos we've been taking. The Feth 'rents leave tomorrow, Tuesday night and have, from what we've gathered, thoroughly enjoyed Kenya and its' people. It will be sad to see them leave but they will leave with us having just less than 2 months remaining in Kenya! Can't believe our year in Africa is actually rolling into the final stages.

Lots to think about for next steps but for now we are enjoying time with family.

More to come!

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